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Pleasure Moments, a massage studio dedicated to stress relief, announces today that all massage therapists working for the studio have been duly trained to perform the White Flower Massage. The White Flower massage is a “hot and cold” massage therapy where a special Chinese oil, Pak Fah Yeow, is used to cool the body. Once the body is cooled down the therapist will warm the body again with her hands or body.

The oil used is made of a variety of herbs, including lavender and mint. The oil was developed around 1925 in Malaysia, but soon made its way through Singapore and Hong Kong to mainland China. There the oil is used by thousands of massage therapists today as an oil to relieve pain. In Paris, the city of love, the massage therapist can give a “hot” twist to the massage by offering a “hot” erotic massage after having the unique variety of herbs give the cool-down excitement.

“We were able to secure supply of the White Flower Analgesic massage oil and were taught from a team of Chinese massage specialists how to apply the oil.”, says Ellen Durand, manager at Pleasure Moments. “The Chinese are very conservative in their massage techniques. Asian counterparts from countries like Thailand are well known for their full body-to-body massage, even providing tantra massages. At Pleasure Moments we have learned from massage therapists all around the world and are able to provide body-to-body and tantra massages with or without the use of the special Pak Fah Yeow massage oil.”

When applying the cold oil we first check if the individual doesn’t have any bruises or scratches. The herbs in the oil might “sting” the body - very similar as one touches his or her eyes after cutting a red pepper, without thoroughly washing the hands first. Once the body is fully checked the oil is applied, and together with iced water the cold feeling becomes even stronger. With soft towels, nice warm hands and a nice warm body the massage therapist will convert the cooled body into a very warm zone.

“The new therapy is really fantastic”, comments Manon Legrand, one of the experienced White Oil massage therapists. “Our massage study does not offer sexual services, but we hear from both male and female customers that the cold and hot sensation is truly awaking all senses and is felt as an erotic massage. The White Oil is very soft and slippery, does not smell, and even allows a wonderful body-to-body experience. We are very happy that we are the very first massage salon offering this therapy in Europe, and even more happy that it happens in Paris, the city of love.”

Pleasure Moments is a massage salon located in the heart of Paris. With more than nine massage therapists there will be always a possibility to relax and unwind after a hectic day. Please visit to reserve your massage or to read more about the White Oil massage therapy.

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